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Philly Joe Jones with Miles Davis in the hard-bop period

Download Philly Joe Jones drum solo pdf  Arrow   This drum lesson dedicated to Philly Joe Jones, contains the transcription of the drum breaks from the song Ah Leu Cha, recorded by Philly Joe Jones with the Miles Davis quintet.

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Philly Joe Jones drum solo - Drum lesson preview

Drum lesson preview

Introduction to the drum lesson: Philly Joe Jones drum solo

American drummer Philly Joe Jones is rated as one of the great jazz masters.
His style has especially characterized the hard-bop period in the 50's.
Born in Philadelphia in 1923, he became known as Philly Joe Jones for not being confused with Jo Jones, Count Basie Orchestra's drummer at that time. From 1950 to 1958 he was a member of Miles Davis' quintet, one of the most important groups in jazz history. Philly Joe Jones has also played with Bill Evans and was a founding member of band Dameronia in 1981.
The transcription in the drum sheet, taken from Miles Davis' album
"Round About Midnight" (1955), is the drums chart of the intro and the finale of Ah-Leu-Cha, with the various Philly Joe Jones' drum breaks.
In the basic pattern measures the hi-hat and cymbals straight parts are omitted.

Philly Joe Jones drums

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