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Play online with Blink 182's drummer Travis Barker rock drum set up - To change the default settings, click on the drumset element you want to set, then click on the key you want it to be coupled with. You can only use the alphabet's characters that are non already assigned to any drumset element. To clean all the settings click RESET, to go back to the default settings, click DEFAULT.

Travis Barker rock drum set

Travis Barker online virtual games

Play Blink-182 with Travis Barker rock drum set

Travis Barker is an American musician and designer, best known for having been drummer for the punk rock band Blink-182.

Travis Barker was born on November 14, 1975 in Fontana, California, got his first rock drum set at the age of four and began taking drum lessons one year later. In 1998, he replaced Blink-182's drummer, Scott Raynor. Travis Barker has also played drums with the alternative rock bands +44 and Box Car Racer, and with the rap rock band The Transplants, collaborates with many hip-hop artists, and formed TRV$DJAM with DJ AM. Rolling Stone magazine referred to him as "punk rock's first superstar drummer".
Play along to Blink-182's music with the rock drum set of Travis Barker with touch or with your PC keyboard, pressing the keys corresponding to the drumset elements (snare drum, toms, cymbals, bass drum). Press the "keys" button from the menu to set the keys to match the drumset elements. Online drum games sounds and virtual drumsets are different.
The virtual drums of Travis Barker and music games online all require JavaScript.

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