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Drum notation - Drum set elements in drum sheet music

Drum set elements - The primary elements in the drum set are the snare drum, the bass drum (or kick) and the hi-hat.
Every drum set includes also one or more toms, one or more floor toms and one or more cymbals.
The most common cymbals are the ride (for accompaniment) and the crash (for accented strokes). The scores shown in this page also contain the conventional symbols corresponding to the drum set elements, as commonly used in the drum sheet music related to the video lessons online.

Drums - In drum sheet music the various drum elements are represented by a rounded note.
Each note position corresponds to a specific drum set element.

Drum sheet music legend - Drums

Bass drum       Snare drum         Tom1              Tom2               Tom3               Tom4           

Cymbals - In drum sheet music cymbals and hi-hat are represented by a x-shaped note.
Each note position corresponds to a specific cymbal type.

Drum sheet music legend - Cymbals

Closed HiHat     Open HiHat       Foot HiHat            Ride             Ride Bell             Crash             

Learn to read the drum sheet music

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