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Basic Drum Lessons

Online basic drum lessons for beginners

Basic drum lessons for beginners, the first part of this method for drums and percussion instruments, deal with the right posture, which is the basic condition to develop speed, endurance and precision with your playing. The style and the role of drumming have evolved with time, but the basic drums and percussion instruments technique hasn't changed much, and all the great drummers still build their own style from the same basis of musical theory.

Method   It's very important, practicing all the exercises, to keep a relaxed approach with the drum set and the sticks, to control the breathing and to avoid muscles tension. You should approach every exercise by playing it slowly at first, then gradually speed up mantaining a relaxed posture, without changing your breathing or stiffening your body. You don't have to hurry, the study of musical instruments demands a lot of practice, and also the study of drums, as any other discipline, demands a long and constant exercise.
Improvisational skills are essential to any drummer to improve his expressive possibilities; that's why it's so important to experiment personal variations playing the exercises, following his own style and natural inclination.

Topics in advanced and beginner drum lessons and in online drum lessons published percussion music sheets are: Rudiments & Fundamentals, Coordinated independence, Basic drum beats, Advanced drum beats, Snare drum studies, Drums grooves, Songs drum parts and Drum solo transcriptions, with transcriptions of songs and grooves by John Bonham, Phil Collins, Stewart Copeland, Steve Gadd, Ian Paice, Jeff Porcaro, and transcriptions of drum solos by Michael Bland, Elvin Jones, Philly Joe Jones, Dave Weckl, Tony Williams. All drum lessons are played in real time by the virtual drummer.

Learn to read the drum sheet music

Drum set elements     The graphic symbols of drum set elements in drum sheet music.
Notes and Rests     Notes and rests value in drum sheet music.
Tie and Dot     Tie and dot in drum sheet music.

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