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Single stroke roll









How to play rolls with speed, endurance and precision

Introduction to the video drum lesson: How to drum roll

The sheet music of this lesson about drum rudiments, presents the various basic Rolls with single and double strokes.

Rolls are possibly the most known fundamentals of percussive technique and the skill to do them is one of drummers' most sought-after goals. You can get speed, endurance and precision only with a correct approach and a lot of practice.

In this lesson you'll see the main single and double stroke continous rolls, and the various rolls with the accent on the last stroke. A good command of all these rhythmic figures will give you better endurance and add variety to your expressive skills. Also with the exercises in the drum sheet it's very important to raise the speed of rolls gradually, mantaining a relaxed posture with the sticks and a good control of breathing.

For a deeper level of exercise, you should alternate the right hand role with the left hand, and play double stroke rolls also with single strokes.

Drum sheet music lesson Rolls

Drum sheet music Rolls File ZIP

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