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Play the Drum Machine for smartphone and tablet.


Online Drum Machine: a solid free drum sequencer to compose your own beats and play single or multiple pattern loops.

Virtual Drumming Drum Machine lets you create drum beats and loops online, directly by setting the notes on the score.

Musicians use the Drum Machine to practice, compose drum beats, but also to learn rhythm in music theory.

Drum beats and loops made with drum machines or sequencers are mostly used for electronic music such as Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Reggeaton, House, Disco, but they are also suitable for any musical genre such as Pop, Rock and Jazz.
Using the drum sequencer is very simple and intuitive, however we recommend that you take a minute to go through our Beginner's Guide and get to know all the features of the Drum Machine.
Download our Drum machine app to create drum beats even with your smartphone.

Choose the Drum Machine sound kit for your drum beats

Online Drum Machine features 8 drum kits, each with different snare and kick sounds and sets of cymbals and percussion.

You can select and change the sound kit with the top row of buttons above the note grid, even while the drum sequencer is running, so you can listen to the same drum beat you've created with different drum kits and choose the one best suits the musical style you like.
The Drum Machine sound kits are designed to easily obtain a realistic drum sound, for this reason two different tracks are assigned for snare, tom and bass drum, the first track for the accented main notes and the second, with a slightly different tone, for ghost or grace notes.


Drum Machine Sound Kits
Drum Sound Tracks

Using the Drum Machine interactive grid to add and remove notes

The Drum Machine's interactive grid lets you easily turn on and off the notes that make up your drum beats.

The score represents two measures of the time signature you select, and each column corresponds to quarter notes, eighth notes or sixteenth notes. To make the visual approach quicker, bars and quarter notes are highlighted.
The horizontal lines correspond to the tracks that make up each sound kit: snare drum, kick, toms, cymbals and percussion. To the left of the note grid you can see the drum kit elements, to the right the sliders for adjusting the volume of each track.


Interactive Note Grid
Drum Machine Tracks
Tracks Volume Control

Management of drum sequencer control tools and options

You can manage options and playback of drum beats and loops with the row of buttons below the Drum Machine's note grid.

The "Clear" button deletes all notes in the score, the second button indicates the time signature, which can be switched to 4/4, 3/4 or 12/8 time. The "Metro" button switches the metronome on or off, the "Chain" button makes the drum sequencer play the saved patterns one after the other.
The Play/Stop button starts and stops playback, you can also use the space bar on your keyboard to do this. Then you see the display indicating the playback speed in bpm (beats per minute) and the two buttons to increase and decrease it.
With the rightmost buttons you can load preset basic Rock, Hip Hop and Latin drum beats, or a random fill, into the note grid.
The bottom two sliders control the master volume and random beat dynamics that simulate the sound of a human drummer.


Time Signature
BPM Setting
Preset Drum Beats
Human Dynamics

Drum Machine memory management and drum beat storage

The buttons on the bottom row of the Drum Machine allow you to manage, save and load your own drum beats.

The Online Drum Machine gives you the ability to save 10 different patterns for each time signature, so you can create a small collection of drum beats, or simple backing tracks for your songs using playback of saved patterns in sequence.
When you save a pattern, the bpm and volume settings of the tracks are also saved.
To duplicate and modify a pattern, once the pattern you want to duplicate is loaded, press the "Copy" button, which will change to "Paste". Then select the pattern you want to fill, and finally press "Paste". Add or remove the desired notes and press "Save".
Please note that Virtual Drumming's Online Drum Machine uses Local Storage, so if you switch internet browser or clear your browser's cache memory, you will lose your settings and saved drum beats.


Drum Beats Loading
Drum Beats Saving
Duplicate Patterns