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50 Ways To Leave Your Lover










Play Steve Gadd's latin and funk drum grooves

Learn to play drums by the best drummers: Steve Gadd

This drum lesson is dedicated to Steve Gadd, one of the most famous drummers in the world.

Not only one of the most famous drummers in the world, Steve Gadd is probably the most recorded drummer in music history. The list of his collaborations is endless, and this helps to explain how complete and versatile his style is, pefectly adapting to any musical project. Steve Gadd is particularly famous for his latin and funky rhythms some of whom, transcripted from his recordings, you'll find in the drum sheet of this lesson.

Steve Gadd with Paul Simon: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Still Crazy After All These Years - 1975), Late in the Evening (One Trick Pony - 1980). Steve Gadd with Chick Corea: Lenore (The Leprechaun - 1975), Sicily (Friends 1978). Steve Gadd with Brecker Brothers: I Love Wastin' Time With You (Back to Back - 1975). Steve Gadd with Kenny Loggins: I've Got the Melody (Celebrate Me Home - 1977). Steve Gadd with Tom Scott: Dirty Old Man (New York Connection - 1975). Steve Gadd with Jeremy Steig: Hop Scotch (Firefly - 1977).

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