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Controlling the drum sticks: the right grip

Introduction to the video drum lesson: Drum sticks control

This lesson dedicated to drum rudiments contains some basic exercises to learn drum sticks grip and fingers movement.

Just as in a lever, the grip of the drum sticks is the fulcrum, the main point of contact with your fingers, and it stays at about one third of the stick's lenght. There are two kinds of grip: Traditional or Matched.
Matched: both hands control the drum sticks in the same way; the fulcrum is at forefinger first joint with underside of thumb on top of stick; the other fingers are around the sticks, butt toward center of palm, and they open and close as in a pincer.
Traditional: it differs from the Matched grip only for the left hand: the fulcrum is in the area between the base of thumb and the base of forefinger, and the drum stick slides between the middle finger and the ring finger. The thumb is straight, the fore and middle fingers fingertips push the upper part of the drum stick, ring and pinky finger, slightly arched, both support the stick butt. This grip is often preferred by jazz drummers, but the choice to adopt one grip or the other, or both, is strictly personal.

Drum sheet music lesson Stick control

Drum sheet music Stick control File ZIP

Learn to read the drum sheet music

Drum set elements     The graphic symbols of drum set elements in drum sheet music.
Notes and Rests     Notes and rests value in drum sheet music.
Tie and Dot     Tie and dot in drum sheet music.

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