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Jeff Porcaro Hold the Line


Jeff Porcaro drums

Hold The Line, drum partitures by Jeff Porcaro

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This drum sheet shows the transcription of Jeff Porcaro's recording in Hold the Line, the famous rock song from Toto.

Early rock music was very strongly tied to the blues. Since the 70's its sound became much more varied, taking different directions and trying different musical styles. In 1978 American band Toto released his first album, a rock album with much refined arrangements and funk influenced rhythms. Jeff Porcaro's drums had a fundamental role in this, with a sharp and sophisticated style that still is, to this day, a reference point for many rock drummers.
From Toto's first album we have here the drum partitures of one of their most famous tracks, the drum sheet of Hold The Line showing some peculiarities of Jeff Porcaro's style, expecially in the use of the kick drum.

Drum sheet music lesson Jeff Porcaro Hold the Line

Drum sheet music Jeff Porcaro Hold the Line File ZIP

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