Five reasons make it the one.

Drums PWA: cool design, realistic animation, pro sounds, dynamic response, easy install.

Drums App Graphic Cool design

Three beautiful drum sets, double bass drum, double hi-hat, great design and intuitive graphic interface.

Drums App Animation Realistic animation

Drumsticks follow your fingers, drums move like real, it seems like you are playing a real drum set.

Drums App Sound Pro sounds

The sound mix is great - high quality drum sounds - musicians can play connecting to powered speakers.

Drums App Dynamics Dynamic response

An exclusive and original sound dynamic feature adds more realistic rolls to your drumming.

Drums App Playing Easy install

Direct download, you don't need to access Google Play or the App Store, you can play drums in a short while.

Get the drums app and become the drummer of your favorite music. Now playing drums with a smartphone is a game for kids.

More than a drum game, Drums PWA lets you play drums with your smartphone, a drums app for drummers created by drummers.

Drums App Game large drum set

Drums PWA drum simulator for Android, iOS and all mobile devices, is a drums app that can work on any smartphone or tablet.

Drums PWA is a Progressive Web App, it means that you can get it simply connecting to this web page with your smartphone or tablet, and then adding the drums app icon to the home screen of your mobile device, opening the browser preferences. Once the quick installation is complete, you can launch the drums app at any time, even offline, like any other app.
Drums PWA can run on every mobile device, Android, iOS or others, and you don't need to access Google Play or the App Store to get it, if you are reading from a smartphone or a tablet, you can play the drums right now.
You can play three different drum sets, large, medium or small, to play at your best with both small and large screen devices. Large and medium drum kits include double bass drum, double hi-hat and a big set of tom and cymbals, the smallest one is an essential drum kit with single bass drum, for playing with small devices.

With Drums PWA you can play drums anywhere, it's an app for drummers that belongs to the category of music making games.

Drums App Game medium drum set


Drum sticks
Realistic drums animation
Realistic dynamic response
High quality drum sounds
Double bass drum
Double hi-hat
3 drum sets
5 kick and tom sounds
24 snare drum sounds

How to play Drums PWA

Drums PWA react to every touch on the display, drumsticks follow your finger moves and you can play different items at the same time, cymbals swing and drums vibrate with realistic and impressive animation.
For the best drumming experience and as to completely appreciate sounds quality and dynamics, you are suggested to connect headphones or external speakers. Using wireless headphones can cause audio delays.

Drums App Game snare drum

Drums app game settings

By tapping the top-left icon you access the Settings Panel, where you can select the drum set and the sounds you prefer. It has four sections: Snare sound, Tom sound, Kick sound and Drum sets.
There are many sound combinations as you can set 24 different snare drum sounds and 5 bass drum and tom sounds, so you can easily find the best sound mix to play drums along to your favorite music.

There are a lot of drum simulators, music making games and apps for drummers, but this one is worth a try. It's free.

How to avoid common causes of touchscreen lag

1. Adjust the touch sensitivity of your Android smartphone or tablet. You can find it within the Settings app, the path may be slightly different depending on the device.
2. Enable GPU 2D Rendering. If you feel your Android device is late to register touches, its poor handling of transitions might be the reason. To improve it, turn on "Force GPU rendering" within the Settings app.
3. Close unused background applications. To avoid multiple apps running in the background close all the apps with one-tap, or manually close them one by one.
4. Clear caches and do security scanning. Regularly clear caches and scan for viruses to secure your phone and free up more storage space.
5. Restart your phone periodically. Periodically restarting your phone could clean up broken or damaged caches and prevent app bugs to make for smoother user experience. You are recommended to restart your phone once a week to ensure its performance.
6. Turn Off Ambient Display. Android's Ambient Display feature seems to be causing some problems with touchscreen responsiveness.